Edu Bedia: Goa is the perfect place for me

posted in Interviews by Souvik Roy Chowdhury on 12th June 2020

posted in Interviews

by Souvik Roy Chowdhury

on 12th June 2020

Edu Bedia: Goa is the perfect place for me

Three years back a midfielder arrived from Spain and in time, won over the heart of Goa. This is the story of Edu Bedia – the much loved and adored, adopted son of the land of the sun, the beach and football.

The last three seasons have been a privilege for fans of both FC Goa and Indian football to see Edu Bedia at work at the middle of the pitch. And now we can look forward to two more. His panache, combined with his technical ability and tactical awareness has changed the benchmark to what one might feel to be called ‘good’.

He has won the Super Cup, the ISL League winners shield and helped the Gaurs transform into one of, if not the most feared sides in India. And this love story is just beginning.

“Honestly, I hope I can spend more years in Goa,” states Edu from his home in Spain. “I have lived in many cities in Spain and also in Germany, but nowhere like Goa. It’s the perfect place for me!”

Heralding the change

There was cautious optimism in the FC Goa ranks when Edu joined. The optimism surrounding him was obvious. Having worn the colours of Barcelona and spent his time in the top divisions around Europe, the wait for him to sprinkle his magic dust on Indian soil was palpable. 

He didn’t disappoint. Over the three years, he has become a mainstay, watching the club grow through its fledgeling years. And giving the fans some really big games to remember and trophies to savour.

“Off the field, my time in Goa has been brilliant. I really can’t complain a lot. On the field, lifting the Super Cup was really special for me.

The gaudy number on the stat sheet more than vindicates which already seems inevitable to the eye. However, what makes him even more special is his ability to marry his prowess to benefit the team in every aspect. 

Whilst FC Goa found a mainstay in the centre of the field, the Spaniard himself found a team that suits his style to the tee. The result is there to see for all and sundry. 

“FC Goa’s philosophy is perfect for me. I don’t understand football without the possession of the ball and without playing entertaining, attacking football,” remarks Bedia. “If you enjoy playing on the pitch, you always play better.”

Edu has grown along with the club in the last three years and he sees even greater days ahead for both him and FC Goa.

“The club is becoming more organised and professional every day,” Edu opines on his time at FC Goa. “You can tell there is a lot of hard work behind from the Club employees and from the President. In this sense, I believe FC Goa is the best football club in India.”

Incomplete business

“One big reason for coming back is that my family and I are really happy there. The second is that there is still a lot to do,” says Edu. “I recently became a father and it truly changes lives. You have a new perspective on so many things and you start understanding that not all things are that important as it seems sometimes. You start appreciating happiness.”

“I feel there is a lot more left to accomplish, my work in Goa is incomplete. Looking back, I have played some incredible games with FC Goa. The most memorable amongst them is the ISL Final in 2019.

“We were all so excited heading into the game. I would love to play that match again. I would love to play in another final again. I would love to bring home the trophy for the people of Goa.”

Last season wasn’t the kindest to the Spaniard. Hit with an injury early on in the campaign, he saw Hugo Boumous take his spot in the line-up and put together a Hero Of The Season-winning performance.

He, however, is not leaving any stone unturned to get his spot back in the starting XI in the upcoming season. 

“I started the season with a couple of injuries – one after the other and it was a tough time for me,” remembers Edu. “But I’m already getting myself ready to avoid this happening again.”

Gearing up for the future

A big reason why the people in Goa have fallen in love with the Spaniard is that he is more than just a performer. He is one who takes onus for his actions and does everything possible to make the team better.

“Coming back, I know the expectations would be bigger,” Edu reminds. “Honestly, I think the players with more experience have the responsibility of helping the Club and teammates. That includes me.”

The upcoming season is set to be one of the most crucial campaigns in the history of the club. The Gaurs will not only be fighting for glory in the Indian Super League, but will also rub shoulders with the best of Asia in the AFC Champions League – the first Indian club to ever do so.

And Edu is very much looking forward to getting back on the field. 

“We have to go step by step,” the midfielder recognises. “First of all, we have to work really hard during preseason and during the initial stage of the season. We are all excited to get back to football.”

For the coming season, FC Goa’s blueprint will be set up by Juan Ferrando, who took over as the Head Coach of the side in the month of May. And Edu is thrilled at the chance of playing under him.

“I am optimistic, I think it will be a great season for all of us,” an optimistic Edu chimed. “I was lucky to chat with the Coach. He is young, ambitious and to be honest  I think he is just perfect for the Club’s philosophy.”

“I am really excited about this new era that is about to start. I believe that with hard work and keeping our feet on the ground, we will keep on being one of the best teams in the country.”