Josline D’Souza

Josline D’Souza

Josline played for FC Goa in the 2017-2018 season and was awarded the golden glove for the season. She has been playing football for 16 years now and started at the age of 10. 

Her hard-work and consistency is what earned her a call up to the Indian National Team when she was 14 years old but the lack of competitions at the local level thwarted her progress thereafter. 

She loves the game and is making a living as a grassroots coach, a state referee as well as playing in the Vedanta Women’s League as she rejoined FC Goa this season after her brief stint at Parikrama FC in the Karnataka Women’s League last season. 

Josline’s experience of playing professionally in Goa as well as in Maharashtra and Karnataka has made her a well rounded goalkeeper.