Participant Liability Agreement
FC Goa Soccer Schools 2019-2020

I understand that there are risks associated with playing all sports and field related activities. In consideration for the privilege to use the facility and/or attend the camp, my signature indicates that I assume the risk of any injuries that my children/wards may sustain while participating in any activity at the FC Goa Soccer Schools and for any injuries which my children/wards may sustain while on the premises of the camp. I insure that my child is physically and mentally able to participate in physical activities and have been examined by a licensed medical physician within one (1) year prior to attending this camp.

I give permission for camp trainers and coaches or contracted health care to start preliminary treatment and arrange transportation for me or my child to a local Emergency Room in the event that my child gets injured.

By signing this Waiver and Liability Agreement, I acknowledge that I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO ALL OF ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS INCLUDING PERMISSION TO TREAT IF INJURED. I further state that I have executed this waiver and liability voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance to be binding on my, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.