My Best XI: Redeem Tlang

posted in Specials by Redeem Tlang on 10th June 2020

posted in Specials

by Redeem Tlang

on 10th June 2020

My Best XI: Redeem Tlang

Hello Gaurs! I’m delighted to be a part of the FC Goa family now, and I thought this was a great time to share some of my own footballing interests with all of you.

At FC Goa, I know I will be a part of a strong squad, but my all-time favourite eleven players would possibly have been the strongest team ever if they ever had a chance to play together.

So without further ado, here is my best XI:

A Manchester United connection at the back

Credit: @vdsar1970 on Twitter

Manchester United were one of the top teams of the late 2000s, and I remember being hugely impressed by the squad they possessed at the time.

That is why the imposing figure of Edwin van der Sar is my goalkeeper, while fellow United legends in Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic also make the cut.

Dani Alves was one of the greatest right backs ever while at Barcelona, and is an easy choice in that position. You need a proper leader in central defence too, and who better than a World Cup and Champions League winner in Sergio Ramos.

My midfield maestros

Credit: @KAKA on Twitter

A creative midfield is imperative in order to score goals, and hence my team would include some of the best that have ever laced up a pair of boots.

The iconic midfield duo of Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta were swimming in trophies during their heyday, and make it into my team without question.

One of my all-time favourite players is Ricardo Kaka, and I remember being inspired by him when I started playing since I often operated in a similar position, so he goes in too.

Cristiano Ronaldo was another player that inspired me and fits into the team as a result, and Lionel Messi is someone who is absolutely awe-inspiring in his own way. This midfield just rakes of goals and creativity.

My idol up front

Credit: @Ronaldo on Twitter

I’ve said it before that I fell in love with football because of this man. Ronaldo Nazario of Brazil is one of my heroes, and his performances in the 2002 FIFA World Cup enabled me to take up this sport.

He remains one of the legends of the sport, and is probably the greatest finisher in the history of the game.

With the creativity that my midfield possesses, Ronaldo’s goal scoring prowess up front would make this team absolutely unstoppable and truly unbeatable.

You can find my favourite eleven in full below and you can even check out 5 things to know about me here.