Coro: Movies I love and should too

posted in Specials by Ferran Corominas on 4th May 2020

posted in Specials

by Ferran Corominas

on 4th May 2020

Coro: Movies I love and should too

Hope everyone is safe and sound. I am doing good as well. These truly are unprecedented times and I know, every one of you in Goa and all around the world will come together to help see us through these troubled days.

You have always been there for me. Today, I would like to share with you something very personal. I love watching movies like so many of you and in these times when we have to spend so much time at home, one sometimes struggles to make time tick away. 

Here are five movie suggestions I hope you can give a look at and hopefully, will bring cheer into your life. 

#1 Limitless

It’s a sci-fi and it’s a thriller. And a brilliant story to bring two of my favourite genres together. It’s a great look into what a human being can achieve if their brains were really functioning and yet it’s dark with a brilliant display of what a man’s greed can do to him. 

It’s a ‘living on the edge’ drama that brilliantly brings out multiple facets of human beings. It really is ‘dope’. Go, give it a watch if you haven’t already.

#2 The Big Short

It’s an unbelievable story of how the recession of 2008 really came about, told in a way no one could have imagined. An unbelievable cast put together played their role brilliantly to bring out the story of how the American housing crisis came about. 

It’s quirky, satirical and yet so real. It’s colourful and yet so dark underneath. It’s fun until you feel for the people who actually went through the real-life experience. Everything just clicks in a way not many people could have envisaged. A must-see in my opinion.

#3 The Transporter

Car chases, lots of action and Jason Statham. This is one of the cult action movies of the recent era. This was the first time I saw Jason Statham on the big screen. And his presence and aura make the whole experience even more worth it. 

A few hours of pure adrenaline-pumping action drama for you. 

#4 Taken

Liam Niesen is something. Isn’t he? He really made a mark with this film and while I have always admired him as an actor, the whole perception really had a real lift after this performance. 

It brought back to me the feeling of watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Sylvester Stallone film as a kid. It’s gripping. The action sequences are brilliant and the dialogues along with the way they are delivered leave a lasting impression. 

#5 In Time

Yes, another sci-fi flick and the only film I liked Justin Timberlake in. Another brilliant concept which takes us to a time where people don’t live beyond 25 and every minute that you live has a price attached to it. 

Makes me really think about the limited time we really have. And now with time to kill at my home, I am surely going to give this another watch and so should you.