Passion, Desire, Opportunity: FC Goa’s Soccer Schools program is making dreams come true

posted in Press by FC Goa Official on 15th April 2020

posted in Press

by FC Goa Official

on 15th April 2020

Passion, Desire, Opportunity: FC Goa’s Soccer Schools program is making dreams come true

The FC Goa Soccer Schools program was launched in October 2019, and continues to be a great stepping stone for young kids by providing them a platform to learn the sport, develop as well rounded individuals and play the game like their favourite FC Goa stars . 

As of March 2020, more than 29 budding footballers were a part of the Soccer Schools initiative, and have been reaping the benefits of the program in its entirety. 

The program includes a specially curated coaching plan set up by the club’s Technical Director Derrick Pereira, implemented by a coaching staff handpicked by him, giving the kids a comprehensive training experience.

Added benefits include opportunities to meet FC Goa first team players, a fully customised FC Goa kit, along with year-round training by four licensed and professional coaches in Xavier Fernandes, Inacio Madeira, Caliston Fernandes and Nayan Virnodkar.

It is also one of the first such initiatives to issue custom monthly report cards – allowing coaches and parents to establish a strong direct line of communication. Through this, the coaches are able to provide feedback on the performance of the kids and share the areas of improvement.

For anyone who is interested in signing up, the program also offers a one-day free trial. This is meant for children and parents to test out the facilities, coaching and the curriculum before they enrol on a more long term basis. 

The program, currently held in North Goa at Bastora, has been a grand success so far, with children showing great interest and enjoying the unique training methods designed by their coaches. It is temporarily halted under the nation-wide lockdown, due to the COVID10 pandemic but should be alive and running soon. 

The club’s philosophy of playing attacking football, being technically proficient and tactically astute is exactly what is being nurtured in all the children that are a part of the program this season.

The Soccer Schools motto of “Learn to play the FC Goa way” is precisely what is being taught to the kids, and the proof of its success lies in the pudding.

Via the initiative, four young footballers were deemed good enough to be a part of the club’s prestigious “Centres of Excellence” program, which is also committed to finding the best young talent in Goa and works along the aim of providing high quality football coaching to talented children selected across the state. 

The Soccer Schools coaching team comes prepared for every training session, and as Coach Xavier revealed, the sky is the limit for these kids.

“We focus on getting the kids to play with the ball at their feet. Our warm up exercises and match preparations are all based on the skills we want to improve in the children, and they have responded very well.”

The improvement in the effort put in by the children is already bearing fruit, with multiple FC Goa Soccer School teams making it to the Little Gaurs League and performing admirably.

The coaching staff is working hard to ensure that the kids continue to make their mark, and it appears that some of them may be ready to make the big move up the youth ranks.

“There is so much potential in these kids. They are so eager to learn, play and succeed and are showing vast improvement in a short period of time. In a few years time, 100% you can see a few rise up the ranks very quickly,” Coach Xavier explained.

With the grassroots program currently being conducted for the U8, U10 and U12 categories,  the high participation and willingness of the children to be involved suggests that there may be many more opportunities in store for those who participate in the Soccer Schools venture.