Goa vs. Garbage, a grand success

posted in Press by FC Goa Official on 20th March 2020

posted in Press

by FC Goa Official

on 20th March 2020

Goa vs. Garbage, a grand success

FC Goa is pleased to announce that the club’s ‘Goa vs. Garbage’ initiative was met with tremendous success. In the course of 10 home games this season, the club was able to divert 7,913 kgs of waste from landfills.

Throughout the season, the Gaurs endeavoured to make the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, Goa the ISL’s first zero-waste stadium. This meant that none of the waste generated ended up at landfills, but was instead segregated into 13 streams taken to authorised end destinations for optimum recycling. We waste was either decomposed or used as biogas. 

The club took on Goa’s acute waste-management problem. The state produces more than 800 tonnes of waste daily. 90% of this waste is either dumped in landfills, burnt or thrown in oceans. Considering the ecological importance, tourism and floating population, this is a serious threat to Goa – from beaches, to jungles, to the Ghats.

As part of the project, the club ensured that certain polluting items such as one-time plastic, plastic water bottles etc. were minimized. Water at the ground was served through dispensers at most locations rather than plastic bottles to reduce plastic consumption.

Nestor Dias and Kapil Hoble, players of the Developmental Team also lent a hand
Nestor Dias and Kapil Hoble – players of the Developmental Team also lent a hand

The club with the help of their partners, Saahas Zero Waste deployed waste drop off points across the stadium, segregated into Dry and Wet waste, to ensure that the waste is disposed in the correct manner. Clearly marked and colour coded Wet and Dry waste bins were placed across strategic areas of the stadium, which were also manned by volunteers to encourage segregation at source.

At the same time, fans were encouraged and sensitized to segregate, which was also enforced through field staff at the dustbins. The different fan clubs also came in to lend a helping hand – clearing the stands of debris following the games.

Plog runs were also initiated with the help of Sole Runners, whilst the youth team players helped the club conduct a successful clean-up drive at the Badem Sunset point where upwards of 50 KGs of waste was collected.

Volunteers chipped in as well
Volunteers chipped in as well

All the wet waste collected at the stadium was composted or sent to a biogas facility whilst dry waste was recycled with partner vendors.

The ultimate objective was to create a Zero Waste stadium, where none of the waste generated will get burnt. With the help of fans, supporters and all our partners, we are delighted to announce that we indeed met with success in all of our endeavours.

Mr. Aditya Datta, Chief Operating Officer, FC Goa said, “I am delighted to have ended the ISL season on a high note, both on and off the field. With us becoming the first Club to qualify for the AFC Champions League as well Fatorda becoming the League’s first zero waste stadium we are setting several milestones. Giving back to the community and our fans, who are our lifeline is of utmost importance to us. We are looking at several more initiatives to raise awareness, act towards the cause and expand on the same.”