Coronavirus: Club update and guide for fans

posted in Press by FC Goa Official on 17th March 2020

posted in Press

by FC Goa Official

on 17th March 2020

Coronavirus: Club update and guide for fans

FC Goa would like to inform you that the club is keeping a close eye on the swiftly developing situation with coronavirus (COVID-19). The club, within its own capacity, has taken measures to restrict the spread of the virus.

The following is how the club has responded to the situation:


The Goa Football Association has announced the suspension of all games under its aegis from March 20, 2020. This includes the games in the Goa Pro League and GFA U18 League (1st Division)

With AIFF also suspending all footballing action, all Hero 2nd Division games involving the Gaurs have also been deferred.

Club activities

The club has suspended all operations from their office in Porvorim, Goa. All employees have been advised to practice social distancing and day to day operations being handled remotely.

The club’s Soccer Schools program has also been suspended.


We hope all of you are doing okay out there and taking precautions. These can be difficult situations to navigate.

We firmly believe we’ll get through this and in doing so, learn how to help each other.

To be better informed on the Coronavirus outbreak, and precautions regarding the same, please head on to the following sites:

  1. The World Health Organisation
  2. Indian Ministry Of Health and Family Awareness
  3. Social Distancing and Flattening The Curve from Washington Post
  4. Coronavirus: Safety and Readiness Tips for You from Red Cross